Top 10 Best Indian Web Series

In Recent times we have seen that now Indian directors are also making a brilliant web series which can make you keep intact with your screen and which create an impact on your mind for long time. Even there are some series which makes you feel connected with your certain life experiences and fantasies as well. So let’s have a look at Top 10 Best Indian web series That you should not miss to watch.



Asur is one of the best Indian Web series released on Netflix, directed by Omi Sen. This series will surely take you to a dark mystic world . It unfolds in two timelines, first is the sequence of events happened eleven years ago and the second in the present year. Nikhil ( Played by Barun Sobti ) is a teacher for forensics at an university in America. But his peaceful life takes turn when he starts receiving coordinates on his mobile and on every coordinates a dead body was found, brutally murdered.

His curiosity brings him back to India to his original job as a CBI Officer where he again come in contact with his mentor DJ ( Played by Arsad Warsi ). The two uses their intelligence to find out the serial Killer who calls himself “asur”. this show is based on Indian Mythology, Psychology, and the mystical concepts like redemption and karma. It shows the dark side every person has in his mind. So don’t miss the opportunity to watch such an amazing web series. And at the end you will surely start waiting for its second season.



Paatal Lok has been released recently and it has been critically acclaimed and appreciated by the audience for its real life perception. A well known news anchor was seen as a target for the group of killers. But why so? What’s the reason ? Who is behind this? What’s the motive ? These are the questions which starts arising in your mind while you progress across the series. T5he inspection of this case falls in the hand of Inspector Hathiram ( played by jaydeep Ahlawat ) and his colleague Ansari ( played by Ishwak Singh).

Due to some unforeseen Things he was cut off this case but his curiosity kept him attached to this case. he continued to investigate off duty. Jaydeep Ahlawat has put his best and keeps you intact with his acting skills and dialogue delivery. You can also see him as a great mentor for his junior Ansari. The series is full of suspense and even at the end you will be left wondering about who is wrong and who is right. this is one of the best Indian web series you must watch.



Sacred games is the first Indian Web series produced by Netflix. it is directed by Anurag Kashyap and vikramaditya Motwane and with this combination there is no any doubt of expecting a mind-blowing series and sacred Games serves its purpose. The story of this web series revolves around the gangster played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, how he brise to power and an inspector played by Saif Ali Khan who is told by the gangster that there is av threat for the whole country. He follows the small leads just to find the dark side of the various people involved.

When there is a powerpack combination of such talented actors and directors you can very well imagine the intactness of the storyline. The dialogue of this web series is also too good which makes you remember the character. This is a must watch in the list of Best Indian Web series.



I think KOTA does not need any introduction in today’s world. It is seen as a factory which manufactures IITians every Year. But what we don’t know is what happens to those who do not get the stamp of IITian from this factory. This web series is a master piece which shows the actual life , routine, struggle, difficulties, stress, emoitions the students go through in this lost world of dream. even the drone scene of the city KOTA is truly mesmerising. The web series have 5 episodes and the story revolves around Six students and a teacher.

The Three friends Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More), Meen (Ranjan Raj) and Uday (Alam Khan) joins a coaching institute for the preparation of IIT entrance exams. This web series show what difficulties a student face when he goes to a new city for studying, outside of his home town, far from his parents new people, new city, new environment, new experiences, which brings stress, pressure, tension, friendship, love, every emotions are being include and well performed by the actors. This is a must watch Best Indian Web series for every Indian students. Everyone can relate to this web series especially the engineers.



Mirzapur is another brilliant and one of the Best Indian web series directed by Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, And Mihir Desai and produced by farhan Akhtar and ritesh Sidhawani. Mirzapur is a story of Gangwar where everyone is mas about power. They tend to go upto any extent just to remain in power. The story is about two brothers Guddu (Ali Fazal ) and Bablu Pandit ( Vikrant Massey) who in a way got involved in the gang of Akhand Tripathi AKA Kaleen Bhaiya ( Pankaj Tripathi) and their clash with his son Munna ( Divyendu Sharma).

The story seems typical gang drama but the direction is so good that you feel connected with every moment of the series. With such wonderful actors in combination , the web series had to have an effect on the minds of it’s viewers. The language used is like Gangs of Waseypur. You must watch this web series and everyone is eagerly waiting for its second season which is expected to release in November 2020.



Panchayat is a web series which will take you to the rural India. It is directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra. The story revolves around an engineering Graduate Abhishek ( Jitendra Kumar ) who has a dream of having a high class job, handsome salary, but ends up as the secretary of a village panchayat chief. How he manage to get along, this is all about the journey. This series will let you connect with the rural India and the Villagers. TVF is known for its unconventional way of presentation and it is seen here also.

The actors have performed really very well and in realistic way. If you have ever been to a village you will feel connected with various events and if you haven’t visited then you will get to know about the way of living and the culture of a village. jitendra Kumar once again has proved his potential with his outstanding performance. The series progress with various small and big events which sums up and bring conclusion at the end with a great message also. Everyone must watch this from the list of Indian Web Series to Know and feel the connection of rural India.



Breathe is also one of the Masterpiece of Indian Web Series with the wonderful acting of R. Madhavan directed by Mayank Sharma. This web series somewhat relates to the Hollywood Web series Breaking Bad. The story Revolves around a Father ( Played by R. Madhavan ) and his child who is his world after he has lost his wife. But his child needs an urgent Lung transplant and he is in the 4th number of the receiver’s List. This may sound a small number to us but not for a father whose whole world is his child. So, in order to save his child the father makes list of donors and starts killing them to rank up his son’s number.

And at the same time, there is a policeman who is handling the case of these murders and he is also having a different story and a guilt that he lost his daughter because of his own fault. But not to mention, R. Madhavan steals the show with his performance and clearly Breathe life into the show.



Criminal Justice is basically a crime based web series with court drama included. It is the Indian Version of the 2008 BBC show named “Criminal Justice”. This web series is adapted by Sridhar Raghavan and directed by the famous director Tigmanshu Dhulia and Vishal Furia. Vikrant Massey is playing the lead role which was played by the Ben Whishaw in the original Web series. The story revolves around Aditya ( played by Vikrant Massey ) who is a cab driver. One Night he ends up with a one night stand with one of his passenger and the next morning he found that she has been murdered and the police take him into custody as the prime suspect.

And the series is all about whether he did it or not, if not then who and if yes then why. There are total 10 episodes and every episodes keep you intact to the screen to find out what is going to happen next. Every character is having some dark phase and some secrets which is pealed out layer by layer. All the actors have done justice to their roles. This is a wonderful web series thus making it in the list of Best Indian Web series to watch.



The Family man is a web series which revolves around the life of an agent working in the secret servive, National Intelligence Agency. What makes this web series a stand out is it’s presentation which is different from the other movies and web series on secret agents. In this web series we come to know that how an agent working in the National Intelligence Agency ( played by Manoj Bajpayee ) is saving his country from the threats and at the same time how efficiently he manages his family, his personal life with a low budget salary.

The fact that this shows the real and personal struggle an agent goes through in managing his family has made this web series different. We tend to feel connected with the effortless acting of Manoj Bajpayee as the agent.



Special OPS is another Indian web series based on the Intelligence agency doing its job to protect the country. It is directed by Neeraj Pandey who is well known for creating action thrillers which he continues here also. The series revolves around a real life terror attack on India and it tries to show as to how the RAW would have been handling the situation and planning to catch a terrorist and prevent future attacks. Himmat Singh ( Kay Kay Menon ) is settled for desk job in RAW but has his agents spread around the world to find a terrorist head.

The series go on to how they plan, catch and kill the terrorist with a very limited resource. The series also try to take you to the life of an agent and their sacrifices for the country. Kay Kay Menon is as always mind blowing in his acting. Other actors has also done justice to their roles. So if you want to know or have curiosity to have an idea about the planning and execution of RAW you must go through this Web series.

Top 10 List of Best Indian Web Series

The above are the some of the Best Indian Web series which have got huge appreciation from the audience and critics as well. But the List of Indian Web series does not end here, there are many more which will be covered in the subsequent posts. Stay Tuned!!


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